Four Reasons to Trust Your Business with MasterFlo Pump: Aplex, Aurora, Fairbanks Morse & Myers Now Available!

MasterFlo Pump and Pentair Industrial Pumps have teamed together to provide solutions for your industrial water and fluid management needs.  No matter what your application may be, how big or how small the job, one of these four brands will have something to meet your water and fluid system needs. 


Comprehensive line of ANSI, regenerative turbine, condensate, boiler feed, end suction, inline, split case, booster systems, sump and sewage pumps.

  • Extensive utility, sump, sewage, effluent, non-clog and other large waste handling pumps.
  • Complete line of split case, dry pit, submersible solids handling, vertical line shaft, submersible turbine, mixed flow and axial flow propeller pumps. 
  • Reciprocating pump line, medium to heavy duty to fit almost any application.  Pressures up to 5,500 psi and flows to 600 gpm @ 450 degrees.




Aurora Pump began manufacturing pumps in 1919.  From the onset, Aurora has devoted itself to the design and manufacturing of a wide range of pumps and systems used in an variety of applications and markets. 

Prime examples include: process water supply, spray booth, cooling water supply, transfer and recirculation pumping equipment just to name a few.

Fairbanks Morse offers pump solutions of proven superiority for such industrial applications as steel mills, pulp and paper, marine, mining, food manufacturing, fish hatcheries, and manufacturing in general.  Each of these industries have unique needs for pumps, ranging from low capacity pumps for the transfer of liquids during manufacturing operations, to high capacity pumps used for water stream transfer, storm water, river intake, and more. 

Types of pumps include: Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Turbine, Axial Flow Propeller and Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps

Our Line Card is available for download.

MasterFlo Pump Line Card

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